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Photography Tips

Happily, you do not have even the slightest uneasiness your machine as soon as you get your hands! Many amateurs like you said the assignment of strain on you when taking photos in the street, you can not yet beat your fears. This is to focus on the main you want to take your focus on the fact that the eyes should be based on a viewfinder and causes you to frame your desired: camera fear! The main reason is not yet accustomed to your camera, is that it has not made a part of. However, you hand your camera, you must have a limb such as your arm. However if you first convince yourself, when you see people with your camera, it is accepted as a part of you and on.


People so you can not see very far distance you can even mimic photographing: the fear of getting responses! However, a good street photographer only factor to take into consideration for fear response that moment never misses, you know that eating a bag until the beginning of a good frame. Reactions that may come before shooting the photo is not the subject of the post.

Sometimes yourself before taking the photo I liked and admired his thinking you will find: disfavor fear! It would not be wrong to say the fear of being criticized. What is important is not in the direction you receive criticism, that is what you get criticism from. This issue "excuse and criticism" As I have mentioned in detail under the heading.

Fear not limited to, of course. You can describe dozens of fear Based on your own experience. All of these fears we create and we reformat. Sometimes it makes them bigger and prevents ourselves, we sometimes go to the top removed. Is the formula for overcoming fears? Of course, attract more photos! No matter how much training you do, you get used to it so much. Just like an athlete running every day without ever bored ...

Where to start photography?

You know, take the people you know; You start to behave comfortable with your camera, you can get rid of it like to see a surplus and is the easiest way for you to practice with people. Can establish eye contact with them, you can relax for a very candid conversations they do not like the photo taking photos, which is a personal part of your training. Expand your own family, your friends, your street, your neighborhood, go to work and try to start taking photographs of the bus passengers while you use every day. They will not care why you carry your camera with you, they look at how it will query and normally you will see in the same way as your viewfinder. So if you're feeling calm unrest and fear in head slowly leave the place and you no longer take photos of the street, people will have developed their own methods to photograph.

You know the place and the people start seeing you as a tourist and not as a street photographer will teach you to draw.

It is not possible because you do not understand an extraordinary situation. If you teach your eyes look like a photographer, will move your whole body as it should be. For example, your ears will hear every little creaking like a fighter and will let you know. Exceptional cases, sometimes you get away from there for your own safety and sometimes you need to get you there, memories recorded by the machine. As I said earlier, much appreciated after the time the photo was taken. Exceptional circumstances and when this is why it is important, you never know where they occur.

Every time you shoot your own secure area. At least in the neighborhood of the city you visit, you do not know any of the other cities or countries will also take photos in the streets. Speaking unfamiliar languages, you know you photos of people with life. 0 before entering the street on there and people should make sure you will have enough information. You must know the culture. Sometimes there are good that someone is with you, may be the only way to ensure your safety.

Photography Travels

You can’t purchase your safe water every day. Then what's the point of learning to swim? When you look down you see the navy, sometimes wavy, perhaps distant land, very cold and combative ... truly do not face in other marine'll never know what it means swimming, you will not recognize the sea. Our sea street. You must evaluate each travel deals as you come to be a successful street photographer. A new street will not require you to learn everything that you have learned that from the beginning until the main course, but a lot will get the start. Culture and change human behavior, the light will change, you will change yourself and to feel like an outsider in the changes so you should do your best to get out to look like a tourist. The first few days of the city where you travel, if possible, disconnect the people and culture of recognition. The city's restaurants, go to the challenge and meet as many people. A moment of separation from your camcorder, even when in the process. The city you just met and you recognize your camera the locals will not hesitate to block him.

Do not rely on a single frame you check and guarantee your immortal frame, especially if you're new to street photography in the period, because of how you frame when you take a shot you will not have the opportunity to look back until he has satisfied.

When you turn your photos back from shooting may experience an unpleasant surprise. For example, if you want your frame and the people you did not realize at that moment, he entered the animals or objects, you may notice that you take your eyes off your model out on the street portrait. When operating in low-light conditions, you might experience problems resulting from blur movement.

Never Delete photos from your camera

The pictures you have taken on the spot, looking at the tiny screen of your camera should elimination, because there will be dozens of details on every photo. Do not check the computer screen to not lose sight of them, looking closely at your screening is the most healthy.

Take Notes

Do not take notes about the places you go to shoot yourself on your next visit you feel more comfortable and it is very important for you to save time. People you met, how they do business, details on the region's seasons, daylight conditions inside, he impressed you most places in the area and all the other information that you think you should not regularly. Photographs will increase the number of your notes and you will notice that a so pay attention to a new file every new thing.

Photography Tips
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